Please help support the PDVFD Ambulance Fundraiser.

We have raised $26,000 so far. In cooperation with Seward County Gives, We are participating in a fundraising Drive from May 1 - 5. Any donation will increase the match amount provided by Seward County Gives.

To donate, click the following link and select PDVFD Ambulance Fundraiser.

Donations are also accepted at the P-Dale Pub as well as additional locations in each Seward County Community.

Who We Are

Pleasant Dale Volunteer Fire Department serves the community of Pleasant Dale and the surrounding areas west of Lincoln. We currently provide fire and rescue services to this area. Our Department consists of 39 members, of which 5 are Firefighter/EMT’s, 3 are Firefighter/EMR’s, and an additional 2 are training to be Firefighter/EMT’s. Each year our department responds to between 70 and 110 calls.